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Credit Card

  • Choose from a Visa or MasterCard
  • Sparkassen shopping portal with exclusive deals

For a hassle-free holiday

No matter whether you are shopping online from the comfort of your home or at some exotic bazaar abroad – our Credit Card will make your shopping experience a pleasure to remember and 100 percent safe. Each of the different credit cards provided by the Sparkasse furthermore comes with a number of special benefits, including travel insurance and other useful services. Why not speak to one of our advisers for more advice and arrange an appointment?

Travel booking service

Our Gold Credit Card allows you to book your travel easily and conveniently with our travel booking service and to earn cashback rewards for your travel price.

On holiday and for the whole family

Our Gold Credit Card travel insurance and travel service are perfect for added peace of mind while on holiday.

Sparkassen shopping portal

Shopping with your credit card allows you to both shop and save money at the same time thanks to our exclusive online deals from our large number of partner shops.

Choose your PIN

You can replace the PIN for your Sparkassen Credit Card with a PIN of your choice at any time.

Guaranteed theft protection

Should you ever lose your card, any losses will be limited to a maximum of 50 Euro if you block it immediately on detecting the loss.

Warmly welcomed the world over

Your credit card will allow you make cashless payments all over the world. Payments in euro are not subject to further costs. You will only be charged a fee for using your card when making payments in a foreign currency.

Emergency number 116 116

Our emergency number for blocking any of your cards and online banking access is open 24/7.

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